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Resilience Power Of Tourism

Tourism has been badly affected globally due to economic recession, terrorist threats, policy challenges, natural calamities, climates change, demographic shifts but all these do make some negative impact to tourism destinations but government concerned also get equipped to deal with the complexity of challenges. They do have the confidence that tourism has great resilience power. Nobody would like to be in rooms; at the earliest would like to go out and rejuvenate with a nice holiday. For India as a destination, it is quicker to tide over such situation as we have a larger domestic market and neighboring countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives with right synergies put into place provide round the year tourist arrivals. No doubt, economic recession has hit the tourism industry with number of foreign tourists visiting India from regular traffic generating markets like USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain recoding a sharp decline in quality tourists who spend and give foreign exchange to our country. Though some of these markets have now been replaced with Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand where economic recovery is very fast or not at all impacted. We saw few cancellations due to terror strikes, Birds flu, Natural calamities in India and fear psychosis and feeling of uncertainty that prevailed. But timely efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Travel Trade the trend reversed and in 2016 India will see minimum 10% growth positively.

Aggressive Global Campaign, increased participation of Travel Trade being under taken by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India markets in all exhibitions participation increased India guest of honor at global fairs, Road shows, Travel Trade meetings of Tour Operators in India increased media relations work and increased budget were the reason to reverse the downward travel and boost international tourism. The land mark change was visible with introduction of e-tourist visa for 150 countries and valid entry for tourist through 16 airports, liberal charter regulations and increase in air seat capacity to India from major markets. With these efforts India tourism bounced back and ensured that tourism has the biggest resilience power than any other industry. Main reason is Human being can't remain bounded in rooms, they want to go out and experience unique destinations (like India) and we worked to gain on the tourism psychology.


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