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Shailendra Publication is a Mumbai-based publication house, publishing newspapers and books related to Tourism industry, since 1999. Under this banner we have SAFARI PLUS, a bi-monthly travel newspaper; safariplus.co.in (Online Travel Dose)is the exclusive source on the Web for Travel news; Travel Directory, is the yearly published directory for trade use; E-Travel Directory is a electronic format of the Travel Directory, a CD with user-friendly software to search in-built data; and Compendium of Tourism Article, a book written by Mr. Gour Kanjilal on various aspects of tourism

SAFARI PLUS - A Tale of Tourism, is a bi-monthly, tabloid newspaper subjected on Tourism industry. It is published from Mumbai and is registered with Registrar of Newspaper for India under no. 72413/99. The newspaper is affiliated with Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI)Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), and Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI).

Coverage: Covers news, features, and analysis on-
  •  International & domestic tourism destinations 
  •  Travel Agents & Tour Operators
  •  Hotels & Resorts
  •  Airlines & Cruises
  •  Travel Events & Shows
  •  Business trade reports
  •  Many more related to tourism
Come Into Sight: Safari Plus participates in Travel Trade exhibitions for visibility and strengthen the subscription data. We were the media partner for Great India Travel Bazar 2008 and 2009, the expo is organized by FICCI, Rajasthan Tourism, and Incredible India. And every year, we participate in trade fair like Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF) India International Travel Mart (IITM), and Holiday Expo

Circulated to: We are B2B and B2C both, our subscribers are from all nook-n-corners of India and we have strong hold on consumers. Apart from our subscribers in India and abroad, the newspaper is also available at News-stands, Hotels & Resorts, Libraries and Tourism Institutes, All State Tourism Regional Offices, National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) in India, leading TAAI, IATO, ADTOI, TAFI members, and corporates. 
Safariplus.co.in (Online Travel Dose)- Is the exclusive source on the Web for Travel news, features, and analysis on - International & domestic tourism destinations; Travel Agents & Tour Operators; Hotels & Resorts; Airlines & Cruises; Travel Events & Shows; Business trade reports; Many more related to tourism. The main features of the website are :-
  •  News: featured by Cover story and Headlines and Travel News covered in the following category - Airline, Appointments, Domestic news, International News, Hotels & Resort News, and Travel Trade news.
  •  Events: displays the Travel Trade Events Domestic and International and features the post events coverage.
  •  Travel Deals: Bring you the Best Buys Travel Deal from the travel agents and the hoteliers with details and link for the related site.
  •  Pic Portfolio: Pic of the month (unique pics) sends by our reader.
  •  Pic-y-bank: It's a Picture bank under following category Monuments, Nature, Festivals, and Flora & Fauna. You can ask for the high-resolution pictures.
  •  Quick Web Launch: It's the quick web link to the travel related site such as State Tourism Board, International countries, Airlines, Railways, Tourism Institutes etc..
  •  Words Back: appreciation letter and letter to editor.
  •  Classifieds: Displays Ads and linked to the related site for more information.

TRAVEL DIRECTORY - The directory contains the updated contact details of Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Hoteliersacross India and is modified yearly. This book is a great source of information for developing business
1st Edition: The first edition was launched in June 2006 with the contact information of 1500 Travel Agents and Tour Operators; 700 Hotels and Resorts from all over India. 

2nd Edition: The Travel Directory was updated and printed 2nd Edition in June 2007 with the contact details of 2400 Travel Agents and Tour Operators; 1000 Hotels and Resorts from all over India. 
International travel agents have also expressed their interest as they got maximum contact details of the travel agents of India under one roof. This motivated us to expand the wings and incorporate some of the International travel agents and hotels who are regularly in touch with the Indian market.

3rd Edition: The third edition was launched in Dubai - June 2008. This edition received a tremendous response without any promotional activities. The user base has widened from Travel industry to Corporates and Suppliers (Travel & Hospitality sector). Consumers use this directory for a well-planned and economical holiday. 

Content of the Directory - The updated Contact Details of 
  •  Travel Agents & Tour Operators
  •  Hotels & Resorts
  •  Associations contacts (IATO, TAAI, etc.)
  •  Tourism Schools & Institutes
  •  States & Union Territories Tourism Board
  •  Airlines Offices, Consulates & NTO's in Mumbai
  •  International Travel Agents & Hotels
  •  On a Click (Websites) : 
    " Indian Railway
    " International Tourism Board
    " Airlines
E-Travel Directory - (E > easy search > easy filter > easy sort > easy print > easy send mail on a click)
To make the directory more handy, we are launching e-TravelDirectory - a CD with user-friendly software to search in-built data, i.e. the contact details of Travel Agents & Tour Operators, Hotels & Resorts, International & State Tourism Board, Travel Trade Associations, Airlines, Tourism Institutes and many more related.

The software enables you to easily search and filter data by Company name, City, State, or Category. You can also print labels of the selected Company/Person name. E-mails can be sent to concerned person on just one click. 
  Benefit for Travel Trade - This book is a great source of information for developing business contacts, where travel agents and hoteliers can search sub-agents to look after their business.

Benefit for Travellers - Travel lovers can use this book to make their trip well planned & economical.

Compendium of Tourism Articles- Is a book that revolves round the tourism industry. The book is quiet informative as it contains a lot of information on the various aspects of tourism and can be used a ready reckoner for tourist guides, students, individuals. In addition, travel trade use this book to train their staff.

About the Writer:  Mr. Gour Kanjilal has written this book when he was the Regional Director of IndiaTourism Mumbai, and presently he is holding Executive Director post with IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operator).  He wrote this book sharing his experience of 36 yearsin Tourism Industry. This book contains lots of information, which advantageous Tourist Guides, Students and also to individuals who are in this field to reinforce their knowledge about Tourism. 

About the Book: The Compendium of Tourism Articles book features on the current Scenario of Tourism Industry in India; various topics related to tourism like Rural Tourism, Medical Tourism etc..; Challenges faced by Hospitality Industry & Tourism Facilitators; and glimpse of some India’s destination. The book also keeps its interest till the last page as it is divided in Four sections: Current Scenario, Destination, Miscellaneous and INFO. The entire topic revolves around the tourism and at last some good statistic and the Web Duniya are given for use of everyone. 
The tourism board can use this book to train the Tourists Guides, place on their bookstand of Hotel and Tourist Offices as it contains lot of information; and it will also assistance to their staff.