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Beach Out (Top beaches of Maharashtra)


The coastline of Maharashtra has a lot to offer to its visitors. There is a whole gamut of mystical, holy, and historical wealth,that the state has invested in. The coastline along the continent stretches over an area of 720 kilometres along the Arabian Sea. So take a plunge into crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea, as Safari Plus tours you through some of these wonderful beaches.


Situated in Thane district (77 kms from Mumbai), this beach is ripe with natural beauty. The ideal way to reach this beach is by using the roadway. The evidence of Portuguese presence lingers even today. The area was later captured by the Maratha's during the first half of the seventeen hundreds. Old monumental relics' jutting out of palm-groves is proof of the rich historical past. During the olden days the Bassien was an important destination for ship building. As one travels 10 kilometres northwest to the old Konkan capital city of Nalasopara, one can find many Buddhist statues. Nalasopara is said to be the birth place of Gautama Buddha in his previous life. Temples too form an inevitable part of sight-seeing in the area. One cannot miss on the Vajreshwar Temple, and the Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi, and the Bhimeshwar temple in Ganeshpuri. The Akloli Hot springs also make an interesting worthwhile visit. As for food, relish on some lip smacking Portuguese cuisine.


As we head 375 kilometres southwards from Mumbai, we arrive at the pristine beaches of Ganpatipule. The beach is regarded as one of the best along the Maharashtra’s coastline, and is characterized by its pristine waters and strapping lush patches. Silver sands outlining the beach highlight the beauty of the divine sights of this place. Apart from a wide range of accommodation facilities offered by the government, some exciting water sports can also be included in the to-do list. If lucky you can spot a few dolphins hopping along the shore. There Ganpatipule is indeed a perfect family gets away. The divine power of the Swayambhu Ganesha is pretty renowned, making Ganpatipule an important pilgrimage site for the many followers of Lord Ganesha.  Malgund and Ratnagiri are other important tourists site around Ganpatipule. Ratnagiri is a producer of world class Alphonso mangoes. Ganpatipule can be easily reached by rail, air, and train. The nearest station and airport are in Ratnagiri. 

Murad Janjira

Situated in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, about 53 kilometres from Alibaug is Murad Janjira. This destination is famous for the fortress that is built in the middle of the sea. The fortress is built at a distance of 3 kilometres away from the land, and spans over an area of 22 acres. This majestic fortress of the Siddhi's (a dynasty) towers at the height of 40 feet. Designed by the ruler of Ahmednangar, this fort was could never be invaded in 350 years. The British and the Portuguese tried hard at getting a stronghold on the fort, but failed miserably. The Murad Janjira is the only impregnable fort in all of Maharashtra. There are water tanks inside the fort, and deep wells that provide for sweet, and refreshing water to its visitors even to this day (sweet water from a tank within the fortress that is present in the middle of the sea). Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built a counter to Murad Janjira, which is the famous Kasa Padma fort just a little distance from Murad Janjira. The Kasa Padma is built 2 kilometres away from the coastline. This fortress resembles a lotus. The technical skills involve transporting a great deal of building material into the sea. The easiest way of reaching Murad Janjira is by driving down the Mumbai Goa highway. The other way one can reach is by hopping onto a ferry from Mumbai (to Alibaug) and driving down the 53 kilometres to reach Murad Janjira. The MTDC resort is a recommended place to stay at.

Some of the unexplored beaches along the Konkan coastline.


In case you have an appetite for sea food than Shriwardhan is a place to be. The waters are inviting, one can go exploring on the boat as well. The original residence of the Peshwa's is just a boat ride away. Shriwardhan beach is situated at a distance of 200 kilometres from Mumbai.


Just as the name implies this destination is famous for its Kalbhairav Shiv temple. Harihareshwar is also known as the Kashi of South India. The hill on the sea shore at Harihareshwar is known as Harihar or Pushpad. The construction is old but historians cannot determine the exact age of this temple. The temple is a witness to the many devotees of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Parvati.  

Vengurla Malvan Beach

How about enjoying farm fresh fruits? Well then Vengurla Malvan is the place to be. The beach is famous for its vast stretches of sand lined up with rows of cashews, coconuts, jackfruits, and mango. One can find palm leaves thickly domineering the area. Malvan which is now a part of the mainland is an important pilgrimage. The temples of Shri Sateri Devi, and Rameshwar are found here. During the 17th century Malwan was an important centre of trade. Vengurla is 514 kilometres from Mumbai, and today it is famous for its salt pans and Chinese clay pottery.

As we conclude this breath taking tour, we'd urge our readers to go beyond the commercial destinations and explore. Our country is full of wonderful destinations. Those little villages and towns have a lot to offer to their guests.




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