About Us

For more than two decades, Shailendra Publication has been conveying beautiful stories from around the world, with all the Indian touch through Safari Plus Magazine. With an ever-evolving digital presence and well over 100 issues of our bi-monthly travel magazine, we’ve inspired travellers from India and beyond.

We are based out in the city which never sleeps that’s Mumbai, India – and it’s a top travel website for travel agents as well as travelers who are seeking the very latest updates in travel and tourism industry. We’re an independent news organisation whose journalists have deep expertise in destination, business travel, and backpack travel covering the Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and the Middle East. We believe in promoting sustainable, thoughtful and mindful travel into the farthest corners of our planet. We aim to influence their adventure with every issue and deepen their respect and appreciation for the world’s natural beauty.

What we do:

Print – We cater service in the form of magazine and tourism study book.

·       Magazine: We publish travel Magazine with high-quality picture and in-depth article that take you to the heart of places.

·       Book:  The book whirl around the travel and tourism industry. The elucidate on every aspect of the tourism industry which turned out to be an invaluable product for the students, travel agents and the general readers as they tend to rejuvenate their knowledge.

Online: Our website is filled with a travel blog, written and edited by passionate travellers; we cover fun, interesting and relevant travel. Our online portal is a premium source for everything from general travel news to highly specific travel tools to plan your next trip: in-depth information on destination; inspiring people on what to see and do; generous source to get a daily update on the travel industry.