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NETARHAT (Queens of Hills)



The Queen of the Jharkhand Hills was named as “Near the Heart” by Scottish soldiers during the Raj, homesick for their moors and reminded of them by the deep forests, serpentine streams, open meadows and cool breeze of the area. And over the years, “Near the Heart” became Netarhat. But its original meaning still holds good.

Far off the regular tourist track, a five-hour drive from Belta, Netarhat with its expansive stands of pine, sal, pear and mango trees, opens out your soul, melts the concrete in your heart and lets you give into the romance of living all over again.

Places to see -

Koel View: From here one can witness the Koel River, which appears to be garlanding the surrounding hill & hillocks. The beauty of the river leaves spell bound effect on any body’s mind, especially at the time of sunrise and in the moonlit night; its beauty surpasses all imagination. Entire river glitters like silver in full moon night.

Sunrise Point: From the top of the Tourists Bungalow the spectacular and magnetic view of the sunrise in the background of majestic hills and loving Koel Rivers is an unforgettable experience. With the rise of the morning Sun, entire water of the Koel becomes crimson red that presents a feasting beauty of nature before your eyes.

Magnolia Point: 10kms away from Netarhat is a place where you have to go down to catch the glimpse of setting sun. Every day you can witness different views of setting sun. When the setting sun enters into the lap of Vindhya Hills allowing the evening to descend slowly in the valley, the natural scenic beauty of the place is beyond any description.

Netarhat Dam: In the background of lovely pine grasses, hills and hillocks, Netarhat Dam looks extremely beautiful, it is about in area is an ideal place for picnic, boating and the other water spots.

Upper Ghaghri: Inside a beautiful valley the overflow water of Netarhat Dam makes a very loving small waterfall. The place called Upper Ghaghri, is a lovely picnic spot. The trekking along the water spring in the valley gives altogether a different and extremely enjoying experience.

Lower Ghaghri: From Netarhat take a trek to lower Ghaghri (12km) and pass through the forest of a poet’s imagination-deep, dense and delighting. On reaching there, one can witness the stunning fall of water deep down to about 320 feet making a majestic waterfall. The forest is so dense that even sunrays find it difficult to pierce through. In the unimaginable silence of wood’s it’s a place of real choice for nature lovers.

Sadni Fall and Raja Dera: Just 35km from Netarhat surrounded by loving hills, hillocks, forests, streams and waterfalls Raja Dera is a dream destination to relax. The charm and beauty of the place is so enchanting and profound that it has got its nickname “Mini Pahalgam”.  Adjacent to it river Sadni cascade through the age old rocks to make an eye catching snake like waterfall known as Sadni Water Fall (nearly 200 feet) which adds to the beauty and splendour of the place. It’s an ideal, camping site and one could wish to pass days and days together at this enchanting place.

Lodh Water Fall (Burha Ghagh): About 60km away from Netarhat deep into the forest the river Burha makes a fantastic and majestic waterfall of about 468 feet height claming to be the highest waterfall of Jharkhand. The thundering sound of the fall is audible even 10km away from it. The spectacular sight of the fall explains the profoundness and greatness of the nature.

Tahir & Naina: Trek down to the hills for 5kms. from plateau and you reach into the deep of the jungle to a place flanked by glittering hillocks. It is Tahir where hilly springs from different directions join to make it a lovely picnic spot. 3km down to Tahir is another captivating & extremely picturesque picnic site that is Naina.

Banari: 25km down on Netarhat - Ranchi road on the bank of river Koel Banari is an ideal picnic resort and camping site. If you trek down the hill it is just 10km from Netarhat. Roaming wildly by the bank of river Koel for miles is extremely interesting. Besides, Banari has five beautiful hills having caves in it. Trekking on these hills are really enjoyable. It is said that during their Agyatvas, Pandavas lived on these hills for some period.

Aadhe : 12km away from Netarhat in the valleys, Aadhe is also a very interesting and lovely site for camping. For days together you can camp to enjoy the natural scenic beauty before your eyes.

Betla National Park: Site for the first tiger census in the world .One of India’s earliest tiger reserves (1974), Betla features luxuriant tropical forest cover and a rich variety of fauna. The Betla National Park was first established as a sanctuary and later upgraded to its present status. Average elevation is about 1000 feet and the park is open. Throughout the year the best time to visit is between Novembers to April.

Spread over 250 sq. km. the park is covered with good roads crisscrossing each other, to enable motorists to have a closer view of the wild life in dense forests. Gaurs, Chitals, Elephants, Tigers, Panthers, Sloth and Wild Bears, Sambhars, Nilgais, Kalkars, Mouse Deers are permanent residents. Langurs are presents in large families.

Best Season October to March; Betla features waterfalls and natural hot springs on one hand, and historical monuments, a 16th century fort of Chero Kings on the other. The Koel and Burha rivers drain the area and empty into the well-known Sone River.

How to Reach Netarhat - Nearest Railway Station is Daltonganj (25km) Nearest Airport, Ranchi. Transport are easily accessible by Road 25km from Daltonganj and 140 km from Ranchi.

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