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KO CHANG (The Elephant Island)


KO CHANG - Thailand's second largest island includes many unspoiled islands which are nearby. It is located in Trat Province of about 300 km east of Bangkok. A dream destination for budget travelers and families, with a wide variety of affordable accommodation options and numerous gorgeous beaches surrounded by crystal clear water. In addition the island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including native birds, snakes, deer, and even a number of elephants. As for activities, Ko Chang and the nearby islands national park are great for snorkeling, diving, camping, and jungle hiking.


Koh Mai Si is a private island, not far from Koh Kood. There is abundance of nature—beautiful beach with clear water and full of various types of fish-is still preserved. The tourists can go diving and see the coral reefs.

Ao Khlong Son is the northernmost bay of the west islands. It is the location of Ban Khlong Son community. There are spectacular coral reefs under the sea and many accommodations near the bay.

Namtok Khlong Nonsi Waterfall is 4 Km from National Park, or visitors have to walk for around 3 Km pass through Ban Dan Mai, rubber plantations and orchards.

Khlong Nonsi Waterfall is a small waterfall in the northeast part of the island. There is a 3 km sidewalk from Ban Dan Mai or 4 km sidewalk from the National Park Office.

Khlong Plu Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall on Koh Chang. There are three levels, the water runs through the cliff towards the swamp below. Its entrance is 3 km from Ao Khlong Prao plus a 20-minute walk.

Hat Sai Yao is in the south of Koh Chang. It looks like a bay with extended beach. People can swim, walk in the woods, and go to visit the place of the Battle of Koh Chang at this place. There are a lot of breath-taking sceneries along the surrounding islands such as Koh Laoya, Ao Salak Phet, and Koh Wai.

Hat Khlong Prao- The northernmost part of Hat KhlongPrao is attached to Laem Chaiyachet. It is quite steep at this beach but the tourists can still go swimming.

Ao Bai Lan- It takes approximately one hour from Hat Kai Bae on foot to Ao Bai Lan. On the way to the bay, the tourists can see the breath-taking scenery of the mountain ranges. Ao Bai Lan is a long peaceful beach for swimming and relaxing.

Ban Salak Phet and Ban Rong Than- These are the largest fishing villages on the island and are located on the southwest of Ko Chang. They are popular for its abundance of fresh seafood and homestay accommodation.

Ko Chang Naval Battle Ground is located in the South of Ko Chang. The Thai Navy holds an annual event to commemorate the combat victory of the Navy.

Ban Kwan Chang- In a beautiful forest, the three elephant camps on the island the best thing one can experience; deeper in the jungle and you get more time riding the beasts. Tours range from 1½ to three hours which include feeding, bathing and riding a pachyderm.

Bang Bao Fishing Village -A village where former fishing community is built in the traditional fashion of interconnected piers. A homes to souvenir shops and restaurants. Has being developed now it is the mainland market.


Koh Chang has a variety of dining options for visitors. Resorts will serve a variety of Thai and international dishes and frequently host beach-side seafood barbeques, there are a number of international restaurants serving fairly authentic Indian, Italian, and other foreign cuisines, particularly around (Haad Sai Khao) White Sand Beach.

Drinks- For the best experience try Koh Chang wine, which comes in a variety of flavors, including mangosteen and pineapple.




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