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TUNISIA (The Taste of North Africa)


One of the not so famous destinations, Tunisia is the smallest country of Africa. Famous city of Carthage as it has a wealth of ancient history to discover.  There's a wonderful collection of well-preserved Roman ruins near Dougga.  City center of Tunis is a World Heritage a 7th century old town of narrow streets and nail-studded doors, also includes a large street market (souk), stylish french architecture and the Bardo Museum. As the 99% of the Sunni Muslims reside there are large forts, mosque, massive city walls and excellent museums specializing in 3rd century mosaics.


Having a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, it has amazing endless sandy beaches with a perfect weather for travelers. Seaside resorts and towns offer a wide range of waterfront hotels, also water related activities like boating, fishing, and sailing, scuba diving and wind-surfing can be enjoyed.

It has a gateway to the Sahara Desert which offers travelers a colorful market, camel riding and sand dune trekking.


Tunisia's climate is Mediterranean in the north, with mild rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The south of the country is desert. The terrain in the north is mountainous and moving towards the south gives way to a hot, dry central plain. The south is semiarid, and merges into the Sahara.

Tourist Attractions

Tunisia a destination which is appropriate for all the ages as it is traditional in site. It has white sand beaches as well as desert, one of the historic regions of North Africa. Some of the attractions are as follows:-

·           Sidi Bou Said- A traditional attraction which looks classy with its extensive use of blue and white colours. The village itself is a tourist attraction with fine architecture and natural beauty.  For Shopping it is the best destination, especially for souvenirs. Family House i.e an old house turned into museum is worth a visit.

·           Bardo Museum- The major variety of Roman mosaics on display in this museum is most beautiful in the world. A traditional attraction but it has all from the pre-historic artifacts to the modern jewellery. Also, have antiquities from the Ancient Greece, Tunisia and Islamic period.

·           Dougga- Located in the North-West region of Tunisia, it is an archaeological site. UNESCO qualified it as the World Heritage Site, as it is the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa. There are numerous pre-Roman monuments including Necropolis, Mausoleum, and temples. You will find market full of oldest earthworks.

·           El Djem- This place is famous for Amphitheatre, being one of the best preserved in the world. It's a three tier theatre with underground area as well. It is also a World Heritage Site. It hosts annual International Music festival. The museum contains a large selection of mosaics and a restored Roman villa, with all the mosaics in place and gives a real feel for their style of living.

·           Kairouan- It is fourth important holy city for Muslims in Tunisia, also the oldest mosque in the country. Because of the cultural history and large mosques it has being added to the World Heritage Site. Shops for carpets and Muslim clothes are famous.


Tunisia food has a variety of Arabic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and French influences dishes. One will find fresh seafood while in the Sahara region, roast chicken and baked lamb dishes are popular throughout the country. Salads are an integral part of the diet. Tunisia doesn't have that great desserts, instead there are Arabic sweets and cakes to choose from, filled with nuts and drenched in honey.

How to Travel Tunisia from India?

By Air is the shortest distance from India to Tunisia of nearly 9 hours. No airlines fly direct to Tunisia. Flights such as Air France, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Saudia, Egypt Air, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa fly to Tunisia from India.

Tunisia has 4 airports viz. Tunis - Carthage Intl. (TUN), Habib Bourguiba Intl. (MIR), Djerba - Zaris (DJE) and Enfidha (NBE).

Some Interesting Facts About TUNISIA-

·         Tunisia officially known as the Tunisian Republic with Tunis as the capital.

·         Tunisia is the most northern country in the whole of Africa with strong trade ties to Europe.

·         The estimated population of this beautiful country is over 10 million.

·         98% of the population are Arab-Berber and small percentage being European, mostly from Italy and France with some Jewish residents.

·         The highest point in Tunisia is Jebel ech Chambi which stretches 1,544m.

·         The official language is Arabic, though many people also speak French.

·         The main religion is Muslim.

·         Kairouan is the fourth most important city in the Muslim world after Mecca.

·         This country is the only country who ever had two presidents.

·         This country is known for it’s Roman archaeological sites with Carthage being the most popular among tourists.

·         Tunis is the only Tunisian area that enjoys the benefit of a tube service, the others rely on coach, public bus and taxi services.

·         Kebili has evidence of stone age settlers.

·         The life expectancy in Tunisia is 74 years.

·         71% of adults can read.

·         Tunisia is the world’s fourth-largest olive oil producer.




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