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Madhya Pradesh (Heart of India)

Madhya Pradesh leaves no stones unturned in making the stay for their visitor’s one of the very best. The state of Madhya Pradesh invests in rich historical past and very exciting geographical demographics, offering something to one and all. From taking a trip down memory lane into India’s glorious past, to dwelling on some spiritual insights, onwards to soaking up all the natural goodness, and witnessing the then dwindling population of tigers growing gradually in its natural habitat. One cannot overlook walking the cultural trails, and relaxing and rejuvenating. Madhya Pradesh offers all this and much more to its visitors.

Indore - Strategically located on the banks of the river Khan and Saraswati, Indore fascinates visitors with the romantic charms of its Architectural Grandeur and Historical Enigma. The drama unfolds during the monsoons as the outskirts of the city the region comes alive with breathtaking vistas of the flora and fauna surrounding the region. Apart from basking in the glorious historical past Indore is emerging as one of the upcoming high-tech cities, where well-known IT and automobile brands invest.


Indreshwar Temple - Lord Shiva situated on the Sangam of khan and Saraswati Rivers in Juni Indore. Raja Indra Singh on his way to Ujjain formed the Indrapur city while his stay here. The city of Indore derives its name from this very temple. Bada Ganapati, better known for its size than antiquity, this temple houses perhaps the largest Ganesh idol in the world measuring 25 feet from crown to foot. It was built in 1875. Central Museum also known as Indore Museum invests noteworthy relics from the pre historic era. Rajwada is the two-century-old living residence belonging to the Holkars. The seven-storied building is a living exemplary of Maratha architecture. The building is housed close to the Chattris, in the centre square. Chattris Cenotaphs (Chattris) built by the skilled Maratha’s to honor the Holkars, very close to the Rajwada. These chhatris are intricately carved and some, like the Krishnapura Chhatri, also have temples and other structures near the place. Choki Dani a Rajasthan inclined Resort, themed around the typical Marwari village life, complete with live counters and lip smacking village food, puppet shows and the works. Kaanch Mandir built by a very rich textile merchant, this temple including the shimmers of a million mirrors. The temple serves as an ode to Lord Mahavira, of the Jain faith. Lal Baug Palace  built by Maharaja Shivaji Holkars in the late 19th and early 20th century, this beautiful three-storied palace sits comfortably nestled alongside the banks of the river Khan. Town Hall/ Mahatma Gandhi Hall this building is considered as the city’s landmark. Built by the British, the building is inclined on an indo-gothic note and is known for its lovely domes and steeples. Even to this day one could enjoy an art or book exposition. The hall is capacitated to house about 2000 people. Some tourist attraction close are famous for its beauty in Monsoon Season -Paatal Paani (35 km from Indore towards Mhow), Sitala Mata fall, Choral Fall and Tincha Fall.

Shopping - For the shoppers who want to enjoy the delectable slice of culture, one must jaunt along in the Sarafa Bazaar, Sitlamata Bazaar, and Heritage market. Indore is best known for its fabric, especially cotton and jute. The tie and dye, block prints, and Zari work (embroidery using real gold threads) can never be missed. Leather stuffed toys are just another specialty. Foodies too can have a ball in the city, as it has an eclectic number of cuisines to offer ranging from Marwari, Gujarati, to even Maratha.


A trip to Ujjain can also prove exciting indeed. From Indore one can reach Ujjain both by car and train. It is also an important centre of leaning for people of the Hindu and Jain Faith. Back in the years Ujjain was considered as the Greenwich for all astrologers. Ujjain comes alive with millions of religious zealots every 12 years, as it serves as a venue for the Kumbh Mela

2016 marks the year of the ‘Simhastha Kumbh 2016’ (Poorna Kumbh Mela). The same was celebrated last in 2004. The event is graced by 10 million Hindus and from around the world. Ujjain celebrates the ritualistic bath from the 22 April, 2016 to 21 May, 2016. The important auspicious bathing dates are 22nd May 2016, 6th May 2016, 9th May 2016, 11th May 2016, 17th  May 2016, 21st May 2016.


Omkareshwar Temple – Devotees coming to Ujjain never miss on this temple. The Omkareshwar temple is an ode to Lord Shiva housing one of the 12 Jyotrilingas. The temple is situated on an island called ‘Mandhata’, about 136 kilometers from the city of Ujjain. Omkareshwar kshetra ‘Parikrama’ is the very essential thing to do in Omkareshwar tour. Bade Ganseshji ka Mandir, Cintaman Ganesh Temple, Mandsaur, Pir Matsyendranath, and Kaal Bhairav Temple, are important temples around Ujjain worth visiting

Sailana for all those who love nature the Sailana Bird Century is the place to be. It is also one of the parks that is known for it 1200 different varieties of cactus.

Bhanpura a perfect jaunt for lovers of history as this museum houses the relics of the Gupta’s era. The Hinglajgarh fort close by the fort is another popular tourist attraction. Some other important historical sites include Kaliadeh Palace, Bhartihari Caves, Durgadas Ki Chattris, and the Vedh Shala Observatory. Kalidas Academy and Vikram University – Ujjain upholds the tradition of being an important centre of learning. In fact it is a hotbed for all the literary art forms. The universities have a special course enabling the research and study of Sanskrit, and other classical traditions. The Vikram Kirti Mandir is another archaeological and educational site that cannot be missed.

Madhya Pradesh has all this and a lot more to offer to its visitors. It is only about when you, our eager readers and travelers set off to witness the unending charms of this wonderful state.

Article by: Simple Vishwakarma



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