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Malda Town

Malda Town West Bengal

Malda town one of the northern cities of West Bengal, is  famous for the production of Fazli mango and silk. It lies just east of the confluence of the Mahananda and Kalindri rivers, located 347 km north of Kolkata (Calcutta). It was formerly known as English Bazaar, an English factory was established here in 1771.

The population of this district is mainly rural. In year 1949, a large displaced population from East Pakistan had settled down. The "Barind" areas are inhabitant mostly by a huge Santal population, areas which have considerable population of silk weavers. he language of the majority of the people is Bengali. But a certain percentage of the population in the West and North is of Behari and Maithli origin, and most of them speak Hindi or Khotta, which is a mixture of Hindi and Bengali.

Places Around

There is a museum at Malda that houses the archaeological finds at Gaur and Pandua.

Ramkeli- A small village on the way to Gour, Ramkeli is famous for being the temporary home of Sri Chaitanya, the great religious reformer of Bengal, where he had stayed for a few days on his way to Brindaban. A conglomeration of two tamal and two kadamba trees can still be seen, under which the saint is said to have meditated. A small temple constructed under this tree contains Sri Chaitanya's footprints on stone. There are eight kundas or tanks flanking the temple. Every year, on the Jaishthya Sankranti, a week long celebrations are held here to commemorate the arrival of Sri Chaitanya.
Gaur - 12 km south of Malda, right on the Indo-Bangladesh border is a historical relics of 14th and 15th Century Bengal. Places of sight seeing are the Bara Sona Mosque, Dakhil Darwajah (built in 1425), Qadam Rasul Mosque, Lattan Mosque and the ruins of the extensive fortification. There are colourful enameled tiles on the Gomti Gate and Firoz Minar.

Adina: 15 km north of Malda town an impressive Muslim architecture includes the vast Adina Mosque built in 1369 by Sikander Shah. It was one of the largest mosques in India, built over a Hindu temple, and has 378 small domes.

Pandua : 18 Km north of Malda town has Qutb Shahi Mosque, locally known as the Chhoto Sona Masjid, built to honour saint Nur Qutb-ul-Alam. The ruins of his shrine are nearby, along with that of Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal Tabrizi, collectively known as the Bari Darga. The Eklakhi Mausoleum is the most elegant monument in Pandua. One of the first square brick tombs in Bengal, with a carved Ganesh on the doorway, it is the tomb of the convert son of a Hindu Raja.

Accommodations in Malda - There is the WBTDC's Malda Tourist Lodge at Rathbari, English Bazaar, which doubles as the local tourist office. The Youth Hostel provided by the West Bengal Government's Youth Services offers popular accommodation, especially for the student community. The majority of the hotels and lodges have come up clustered around the highway and the adjacent to Rabindra Avenue.

How to reach - Malda is located 347 km north of Kolkata & 256 km south of Siliguri. The National Highway no. 34 passes through the district. It is well connected by road-bus service from Kolkata, Murshidabad and Siliguri.

By rail, Malda is on the main line between Calcutta and New Jalpaiguri, served by numerous trains such as the Janasatabdi Express, the Gour Express, the Kanchenjungha Express, the Teesta Torsa Express, the Kamrup Express, the Hate Bajare Express and the Darjeeling Mail, to name a few.
Gaur is connected by road, bus, taxi and rickshaw services from Malda and Pandua is located on the main highway. Adina is another 2 km north of the village of Pandua. Accessible by road from Malda, there are bus and taxi services.



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