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Commonwealth Games 2010

Boost employment opportunities.....

Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 is likely to increase the attrition rate of the country’s hospitality industry by 30% in a rough calculation.  Commonwealth Games a lone would create job opportunities for nearly 50,000 skilled professionals. Approximately 40 new hotels are likely to be commissioned by Oct, 2010 leading to high attrition rate with in the hotel industry as Commonwealth Games will create job opportunities for entry level and experienced workers current by engaged in established business in the hospitality sector. These days established hoteliers have entered & expanded in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman and European Countries. Moreover, hoteliers overseas prefer Indian managers because of their high education level, quality of education, the experience they gain while working with the Indian hotels. The way the hospitality sector is expanding both in India and overseas, it is estimated that an additional 200 million jobs for professional would come up by 2010 and another 100 million for unskilled sector for servicing industry at a rough estimate.


This being the scenario, the eyes of the global tourism industry are turning to the country. The need of the hour is to form strong partnership between hotel industry and travel industry. They should work into the present industry issues and work for innovative solutions.


As the Tour operators put up specific packages with hotels for their clients and work in the interest of hotels and country in general with various service components, they should be given a special price rather than giving the booking preference to On line travel agents (OTA’s)


An unified approach should be adopted to firm up the agents relationship with the hotels. Demand situation now vary and changes in demand will competitive with the wave of hotels coming up. In such scenario, tour operators and Travel agents will help the hoteliers to grow by having new interface and locating new business.


A strong consumption driven economy a large and increasing affluent middle class and on going liberalization have contributed quite a lot for growth of Indian tourism and the Commonwealth Games will give a big boost in international tourist arrivals. This event should serve as the best platform to showcase India to the world like china did during Beijing Olympics. Citizens should receive the guests with warm welcome and ensure safety of the visitors. Let them come as the Tourists and go back as Friends. As industry partners, IATO, TAAI, ITTA, Airlines, Hoteliers, we stand together to make this dream a reality with the leadership given by our Hon’ble Minister of Tourism and support of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India who are geared up to give them boost to the industry to a drive success. Travel Industry salutes the decission makers in the Government of India and Chief Minister of Delhi & her team for the excellent efforts being made to bring Delhi is venue for Commonwealth Games with varied infrastructure with in limited time. The opening events is drawn up as we understand as a memorable event and now Commonwealth Game is in every body priority list. We feel proud and all the more happy there will be millions of jobs & smile in every body face at a difficult time.



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