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Healthy Trend - India Medical Tourism Destination

India is increasingly being seen as an international standard in medical destinations.  Medical tourism in India is Rs. 1200 cores & growing at an average rate of 20%. The quality of Indian doctors is undisputed the world over and are well accepted for their expertise.  India has made some special reckoning in this medical tourism field and the one which goes in its favour is treatment which is faster compared to the western countries. In overseas the waiting part is the most disturbing whereas patients always look for fast treatments for quick recovery.  The waiting period for low end surgery is very high abroad (in UK thousand of patients wait for eye operation alone) India also has the largest population of doctors of MD level in the world. India also boasts of surgeons who have been extremely trained in the US and the UK . Now India is well equipped to offer best of services with its modern & state of art medical service infrastructure and this facility is scattered all over the country. They all follow technology which is very modern. The treatment in India is often supplemented with traditional systems such as naturopathy and Ayurvda.  These alternative medicines go very well. India has the great advantage over the competitive countries not only on cost part which is about one tenth cost of UK, US and one fifth cost compared to Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore etc., but also here with availability of English speaking both doctors and paramedical staff and their personalized attention make the real difference. Also complete privacy is maintained and most leading hospitals are on website to disseminate information, customized solutions, attend reservation & coordination. This has helped now to do aggressive marketing and in this marketing & promotional efforts, tour operators & travel agents & specialty clinics make team efforts to promote medical packages abroad. They are talking about pre/post treatment procedures. These travel agents/tour operators also offer recuperation holiday packages for clients & their attendants from overseas. India offers good number of recuperation getaways in and around every metropolitan cities either in mountain resorts or beach resorts. These agents/tour operators develop links with overseas Insurance companies too and logistic make assistance. For India, VFR traffic from the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada are the prime mover as many of the NRI’s who have large family & are not covered for Children beyond permissible limits (say above two children family) India is the           place for medical treatment on a low cost. The largest possibility of medical tourism is actually possible from neighboring countries like Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal , Maldives , Srilanka, where medical system is not that much developed like India . With foreign patients coming to Indian hospitals for treatment expected to contribute about 15% of corporate hospitals total earnings by 2009. As given to understand from corporate hospitals overseas patients contribute at present between 9 to 12% of the total revenue and by 2010 it is to grow significantly (around 15% according to a CII report more than 1.5 lakh foreign patients visited India for medical purpose last year. The global world health travelers market is $ 40 billion and is growing at over 15% year on basis. At present India’a medical tourism industry to be around $450 million (a report by FICCI and Ernst & Young said). A recent MC Kinsey story estimates India ’s medical tourism industry could yield as much as $ 2.2. Billion a year by 2012. Currently India total wealth care industry is about $ 17 billion is growing at about 13% annually. Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India is very keen to utilize the potential this segment holds and formed a Task Force to regulate this medical tourism business. In Medical Tourism related Expo in overseas country India Tourism is actively promoting India as Medical Tourism Destination.


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