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Opportunities through Agro –Tourism

•  Tourism is globally recognized as an engine of growth of in the various economics in the world and several countries including India have utilized tourism to generate large scale employment and additional income sources to the skilled and unskilled. All the more, it has helped in economic development of the distantly located areas where industries can’t reach like Ladakh, deep interiors of the North East States.

•  However, in recent times, Agro-tourism is an innovative agricultural activity related to tourism and agriculture both. It has immense potential to create jobs and source of income to the locals specially farmers. Thus it saves exodus from farming lands to urban cities.

•  Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, North Eastern States, Gujarat are major stats where there one can get enough opportunities to experience Agro tourism or Rural Tourism or have the potential.

•  Reference of Agro tourism in India, Ho’ble President in his address on 9/06/2014, 2014 and BJP Manifesto i.e., Employment opportunities by promoting tourism and Agro-based industries augur well for boosting Agro-tourism.

2. Our objective is to look into the specific areas to ascertain how we can make proper utilization of Agro-Resources and that is Agro-importance in the states referred to hence the urgent need of a brain storming sessions on this subject and get inputs of experts.

Areas to look into:-

I. To define suitable frame work for the agro-tourism centers in view of marginal and small farmers involved.

II. To industry the problems of the agro-tourism and make suggestions how to move forward for operations of agro-tourism.

III. Focus will be on employment opportunity as co-activity for the farmer’s rural people. It gives new look for agri-business.

3. Agro tourism concept is business on specialized agro-tourism destinations generally offer things to see things to do, and produce or gifts to buy and are open to public Agro tourism is defined as travel that combines agricultural or rural settings with products of agricultural operations all within a tourism experience often farmers offer tours to their agricultural farm, provide entertainment for the Urban people.

4. It can also be interpreted as Agro tourism is a way of sustainable tourist development and multi activity in rural areas through which the visitor has the opportunity to get aware with agricultural area, agricultural occupations, local agro products, traditional food and the daily life of the rural people as well as the cultural elements and traditions. Moreover, this activity brings visit for closer to nature and rural activities in which they can participate be in framing, be entertainment and feel the pleasure of travelling an experience which is either not available in tourists own country once totally different experience.

5. The essential requirements to Agro-tourism centers may include

I.   Home stays or base accommodation facilities nearer to the venue.

II. Farm house with rural ambience, comfortable with minimum required basic facilities.

III. Rich resources in agro culture mainly water, electricity and local plants/produce.

IV. Local ethnic food in cooking facilities for tourists as they may like to cook themselves.

V. Cooking equipment’s

VI. Drinking water.

VII. Emergency medical care with first aid box.

VIII. Some lakes, swimming lakes for fishing swimming.

IX. Bullock Cart (local Farm movements/tractors etc) cattle shed.

X.  Telephone facilities.

XI. Local entertainment.

XII. Local Handicraft participative also for tourists to get firsthand knowledge or to carry as souvenir.

XIII. Some local study /reference material.

XIV. Green house, Arrival Farm, Breeding etc.

XV. Local sports where in the tourists can participate and come nearer to culture.

XVI. Information booklet about local culture, arts, crafts, fashion Do’s & Don’ts.

XVII. Bullock Cart riding, horse riding, fishing facility

XVIII. Fruits, Ground nuts, Sugar cane, spices as per availability.

XIX. Safety of tourists.

6. Difference between Agro-Tourism and Tartional Tourism

Agro-tourism also a tourism business but it is deferent from the common tourism because it has a base of agriculture and rural lifestyle. Generally tourism has provided to see and enjoy the natural places as well as some heritage. But, agro-tourism has a tourism with includes experiences, education and cultural transformation. It very special from general tourism in the following manner:-

•  It provides pollution and noise free sites for travel and tourism at rural background.

•  The cost of food, accommodation, recreation and travel is minimum in agro-tourism

•  Agro-tourism can satisfy the curiosity of urban peoples about sources of food, plants, animals and industrial agro-raw materials.

•  It provides information about the rural handicrafts, languages, culture, tradition, dresses and lifestyle.

•  A family environment at the tourist place is one of the most important characteristics in the agro-tourism.

•  IN the ago tour, tourists not only see the watch agriculture farms but also they can participate into eh agricultural activities and experience the farming.

•  It provides natural situations to watching, Birds, animals, water bodies etc.

•  Agro-tourism could create awareness about rural life and knowledge about agriculture. It also provides opportunity for education through experience of farming and knowledge about the rural life including entertainment. Agro-tourism is an instrument of urban-rural connectivity through the tours.


1. Key Techniques for making Agro tourism a success proposition.

2. Give a wide publicity of your tourism center by new papers, television etc. Use all possible advertisement means.

3. Develop contacts with the schools, colleges, NGO’s, Clubs, unions, organization etc.

4. Train your staff or family members for reception and hospitality.

5. Understand about the customer’s wants and their expectations and serve.

6. Charge optimum rent and charges for the facilities/services on the commercial base.

7. Do the artificially use local resources for the entertain/serve to tourist.

8. Develop your website and update time to time for attract foreign tourist.

9. Take their feedback and comments about the service and suggestions to more development and modification.

10. Develop a good relationship with the tourist for future business and chain publicity.

11.  Develop different agro-tour packages of for different type of tourist and their expectations.

12.  Preserve an address book and comments of the visited tourists for future tourism business.

13.  Behave sincerely with the tourists and participate with them/him

14.   Small farmers can develop their agro-tourism centers on the basis of cooperative society.

Recommendation for inclusion in Policy:

India has great potential to the developer of agro tourism because 65% of population lives in rural areas.

But there is a problem of low awareness about this business in the farmer and problem of the finance and proper view in the farmers all over the country.  It is essential MOT for a policy for financing Agro-tourism project involving local farmers and NGO and Panchayat level office and state tourism concerned.


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