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Top 5 Noteworthy Centuries In India With Elephant Sanctuaries

Elephants, the probable descendants of mammoths, are one of the oldest and the most loyal living species on the earth. They have exceptional physical abilities with the help of which mankind has benefited. Be it during the war or be it a part of the transport system, elephants have been both used and misused. The most tragic part of the torture inflicted upon these innocent creatures by mankind was the forceful taming of the elephants for the entertainment purpose at circuses. This earning also proved to be insufficient because poachers began to kill elephants for the sake of their precious teeth, that is, for the possession of ivory. 

Thus, owing to such discrimination, the world has awakened of recently to protect these massive and royal animals, and, to give them the freedom and the environment that they deserve. Thus, many wildlife sanctuaries have been set up all over the world, especially in Asia and Africa, to protect these endangered species. As India too houses any impressive number of elephants, many sanctuaries have been developed especially for the protection and the well-being of the elephants. Hence, these are the top 5 places in India where elephant sanctuaries have been set up.

1. Dooars, West Bengal

Dooars, situated on the Terai regions of the Himalayas, is the abode of a large number of elephants because of which this place has been declared as a protective zone with the largest elephant sanctuary being the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists are allowed in this sanctuary with special permission and prior booking. The tourists can also avail of the jungle safari while riding an elephant. The number of elephants encountered in that region leaves everyone, both tourists and residents, spellbound each time they are sighted. 

2. Singhbhum, Jharkhand

The Singhbhum Elephant Reserve was the first elephant reserve to be opened in India. It houses many Asian wild elephants. They are given a restoration of their ecological habitats and the protection from poachers. The effort put in by the forest rangers in this region is immense and thus, this is one of the topmost places in India where the elephants lead a near peaceful life.

3. Sambalpur, Orissa

The Sambalpur Elephant Reserve is a region in the forests of Sambalpur where elephants are found in plenty. This region too had imposed a threat upon the ecological habitat, migratory route and the attack of poachers. Thus, the Government of India had declared this zone as an elephant sanctuary to rescue the endangered animals and to let them lead a natural lifestyle.

4. Kaziranga, Assam

The Kaziranga National Park is one of the most threatened zones in Asia. Thus, Kaziranga plays an important role in the conservation of the wild Asian elephants. Thus, this forest has a tight security and is a big source of attraction for the tourist. This sanctuary offers a jeep safari and an elephant safari with special permission. Thus, because of this opportunity to see the forest at its natural best, the Kaziranga National Forest in Assam has gained huge popularity all over the world.

5. Nilgiri, Karnataka

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in South India spans over the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Hills. It is an internationally acclaimed sanctuary for the Indian Elephants that exist in these forests in maximum numbers. The ideal flora and fauna of this region is a major cause as to why so many elephants prefer residing in this region. This place is open to the tourists with special permission. Wildlife safaris are also conducted by the forest department for the general public so that they get a better understanding regarding the need for the conservation of elephants.

Thus, with the help of the Government of India and the State Governments of each and every state, the conservation of elephants is progressing. Along with this, awareness is also being spread so that the general public understands the disastrous consequences that might occur and are already occurring due to the ecological imbalance all over the world. Thus, the common folk are being taught to protect and respect the natural system and to help in the conservation of the endangered species such as the elephants for an example. The scenario is gradually improving and the world is hopeful that the ecological balance will be restored once again on the bosom of the earth.

Author Bio:

Rohit loves animals and he takes initiatives in his own possible way to help in the conservation of the endangered species and to help restore the initial environmental conditions. You can read more of his stories on TransIndiaTravels.


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