NEW Bannikin Research Finds 16.3% of Chinese Travelers Are Looking for Adventure

The study suggests there are significant opportunities for adventure travel operators looking to expand into the Chinese tourism market

NEW Bannikin Research Finds 16.3% of Chinese Travelers Are Looking for Adventure

Toronto, 9 September, 2019

According to Bannikin Travel and Tourism's recent research ‘When it comes to adventure travelers, China is an untapped market totaling $8.2B per year."

The China Adventure Tourism Market Study, which surveyed more than 300 Chinese travelers over the age of 18 who had taken a trip in the past year, determined that 16.3% of respondents - 23.49 million people - chose an adventure trip for their last holiday. For a market with outbound tourism numbers continuing to see double-digit growth, this means there are considerable opportunities for adventure travel brands looking to expand their product offerings for Chinese adventurers.

Natasha Martin, Managing Director of Bannikin Asia commented: “This report delves deep into who Chinese adventure travelers are their planning habits, income, spending habits, and dream destinations. We’ve never had better insight into how to market towards the Asian Travel market and break into one of the largest tourism spends out there.”

The 2019 study found that 2.7% of departures could be categorized as ‘hard adventure,' while 13.6% pursued ‘soft adventure’ experiences. Though Chinese consumers do not necessarily associate adventure travel with risk-taking activities, such as rafting or mountain biking, they do associate it with remote destinations that can be perceived as exotic and potentially dangerous.

The survey was sent to discover how many Chinese travelers actively seek-out adventure while on vacation. Here are the report’s main findings:

  • The total adventure market size for China (based on accommodation spending only) is USD 8.2B per year.
  • Adventure travel spends from China represents 0.64% of total international tourism spend.
  • The top destinations for adventure travelers were the United States, Thailand, Australia, and Japan.
  • Time in nature, camping, and backpacking are some of the most popular activities for Chinese adventure tourists.
  • 72% of Chinese adventure travelers spend between 4-10 days abroad, lower than Western adventure travelers.
  • Bannikin Travel & Tourism runs a leading travel trade development satellite office in Hong Kong, with a team of Asia market experts to assist destinations and tour operators on how to tap into the burgeoning Asia adventure marketplace.