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The Futuristic City Masdar City, Abu Dhabi


Located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Masdar City is a sustainable urban development and economic free zone. The city provides a 'green print' for cities of the future, with traditional Arabic architecture blending seamlessly with state of the art modern technology to maximise energy efficiency.

Masdar City has the potential to host up to 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters by 2025. This mixed-use development provides a unique, sustainable, living and working environment, with integrated residential and commercial zones that feature food and beverage outlets, along with extensive leisure and entertainment facilities. Already home to the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (MI), Masdar City will soon welcome the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The arrival of leading multinationals in Masdar City, includes GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi and SK Energy.

Sustainable Construction

Every element of Masdar City's 700-hectare site has been designed with sustainability in mind; cutting energy demand and water consumption by 40% while also reducing embodied carbon by 30% compared to business as usual. The city's streets have been built to be optimally oriented on a southeast-northwest axis, thereby providing shading at street level throughout the day. The materials used for the building façades are also designed for cooling purposes. Buildings within the Masdar Institute Campus are shielded with ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) cushions that ensure almost no solar gain on the structures - as well as limiting the heat radiated on to the street. While windows not already shaded by adjacent buildings have louvres set to prevent direct sunlight from entering the building. An on-site 10MW solar-power plant, supported by a series of smaller rooftop installations, helps to provide the development with a clean, sustainable source of energy.

Sustainable Living

With integrated residential and commercial zones Masdar City offers a unique, environmentally friendly, living environment. The development's pedestrian-friendly design looks to encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle, with amenities easily accessible on foot or via public transport, while communal areas have been intelligently landscaped and designed to provide natural shading and cooler air temperatures.

Sustainable Business

As a special economic zone, Masdar City operates on a 'free zone' basis with benefits that include 100% foreign ownership, no restrictions on capital movements, profits or quotas, and a favorable tax regime. Businesses operating within Masdar City also enjoy exclusive access to a one-stop platform for setting up locally, including companyz registration, office leasing and fast-track visa processing.

Over the next 5 years, Abu Dhabi plans to spend US$90 billion on development projects, covering housing, schools, roads and other infrastructure. Combined with further steps to create a business friendly environment, that is confirming Abu Dhabi's place as a truly global city. As a zero-tax jurisdiction Abu Dhabi offers investors an attractive and convenient place to do business with 100% foreign ownership within Free Trade Zones, such as Masdar City. Abu Dhabi sits at the centre of the MENA and South Asia, and is best placed to capitalize on future growth prospects from this burgeoning region, where currently cumulative market value stands at US$ 3.5 trillion. As an energy leader, Abu Dhabi has made a commitment to ensuring that by 2020, 7% of its installed energy capacity is met by renewable sources.

Facts –

1.      Water demand reductions of 40% (40% less energy demand than conventional cities of comparable size)

2.      Street level temperatures 10 Celsius cooler than Abu Dhabi city

3.      Buildings produce 1/5 of the world's CO2 emissions

4.      Cities account for about two-thirds of global energy demand

5.      Buildings account for roughly 40% of the world's energy use

6.      Walkable and pedestrian-friendly city

7.      Design that encourages and promotes zero-carbon public transportation options

8.      Transportation options that include: 1) A driverless, point-to-point personal rapid transit system; 2) a ride-sharing programme featuring electric vehicles; and 3) accessible and strategically positioned car parks

9.      Future transportation options may include: 1) electric buses; and 2) a centralised, zero-carbon, automated public transportation network.

Distance from -

·         Abu Dhabi International Airport 2 kms (3Mins)

·         Yas Island 4 kms

·         ADNEC 24 kms

·         Downtown Abu Dhabi 30 kms

·         Downtown Dubai 112 kms




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