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Why less Tourists to India

There is no reason to be fully optimistic at this point as visa problems still continues. Airline tickets are also very high. It seems tourists prefer to take tours within the region due to high ticket costs and economic recession in their respective countries. Even tourists are a bit worried about security and potential terror attacks in Metro cities as reported in our National Press by Media repeatedly. Our tax part is also very high and that is negatively impacting the business.

This makes our tour operators “not ready” as GST is yet to be announced and what will be tax component is not known to our tour operators. So they are not in a position to give a definitive Quote. They need to give quotes 3 to 5 months in advance. Even guide problem has further complicated the package part. In the civic governance, blame game continues and basic facilities have gone down. Roads are bumpy, badly illuminated; road rage is common scene, congested roads this gives a very bad experience to tourists they go back and talk about it.

It is the time that industry and government come together and find step by step solutions. Only working together we can bring out solutions Dengue/Chinkungunga has been over publicized and that sparked a cautions thinking before visiting India. Lack of proper sanitation is one of India’s biggest problems and tourists often talk about it especially when they see at world heritage sites. Ministry of Tourism is doing its best but final outcome is not very impact oriented. Some where we lack synergized approach.

Our other government ministries are not that tourism friendly and that is the reason tourism never gets recognition. Charter operation has become costly with high landing and handling charges. So the numbers have gone down. Cruise liners are coming to India now in more numbers but has visa problem (e-visa is not applicably for them). So we need to streamline our visa system first.


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