Thai Isles

Thai Isles

Every time we think of Thailand the first thing that comes to our minds is shopping, sumptuous meals, fresh tropical fruits, and even weddings that are made in heaven. But did anyone ever think of the islands of Thailand? These islands are un-ventured and kept away from mass tourism. The inviting call of the sun kissed beaches, pristine waters of the ocean, and the powdery white sands only wants to make me visit Thailand again.

Beauty at its Best

Koh Kood Trat is the fourth largest island in Thailand. It is the furthest island from the coast of Trat. The landscape has a variation of sun kissed beaches to rugged mountains. There is an abundance of fresh water from the streams. The island is known for its scenic beauty. Cascading waterfalls highlight the beauty of the island. The Nam Tok Khlong Chow waterfall is eminent and flows the year round. The waterfall forms an ideal place for swimming in the three tier pond. The upper two layers comprise of the running stream, while the lower layer comprises of a pond. The beaches on the island are dotted with restaurants and bars.  Some of the renowned beaches on the island include the Pharo Beach, and the Khlong Chow beach. The island is facilitated with a very basic infrastructure.

The ideal time to visit the island is from November to end of February. The sunshine pervades the year round. Snorkelling is what people come here for. The coral reefs are a sight that cannot be missed.

Surfing through

The Koh Lanta, Krabi, comprises of 52 islands. The Koh Lanta Yai is the largest of them all. The island is located 70 kms south of Krabi town. This place assures absolute calm. Of the fifty two islands that are present only three are inhibited by mankind. The Lanta Yai makes an attractive tourist destination. Especially for all those who really enjoy water sports. The west of the island is an ideal place for tourists. The crowd is very cosmopolitan. The island offers accommodation for all budgets and a variety of beach activities too. Low key development is a very important feature of the island. This island is a perfect retreat from modern life. The south of the island offers complete seclusion. It is believed that a couple of decades ago Scandinavian families found the islands. Even today one can find 20th century bungalow resorts on the island. The temperature is rather constant at 30 degrees all year round. The hermit crabs are found sprawling all over the island. It offers some of the best diving spots in the whole of Thailand to its tourists. Hin Daeg and Hin Muang, are the two well known diving spots. These spots are considered the world's highest instances of Manta Ray sightings, with a fair frequency of whale sharks.

Family holidays

In case you are on a vacation with your family! Then Koh Mak Island is the place to be. Situated in Eastern Thailand one can reach Koh Mak by vehicular transport or a ferry. The Koh Mak island is very close to Cambodia. Koh Mak is located in the National Marine Park in Eastern Thailand. This is the largest privately owned island in Thailand. The island spans across an area of 16 sqkm., and is one of the safest places in the world. The island destination is relatively new, and a well kept secret from huddling tourists. The beautiful tropical surroundings are unspoiled by mass tourism. Partying and night-life is not a feature of this island. The Koh Mak island can be easily reached by ferry, limo, bus, or even by car.

Divers Paradise

Koh Tao (Surat Thani) also known as turtle island is an important breeding ground for Hawksbill Turtles and Green Turtles. However tourism is playing a crucial role in hampering the breeding ground of these beautiful species. The island has its historical importance too. The island once served as a site of detention for political prisoners. Incase one wants to scuttle away from the hustle and bustle of Koh Saumi, this is the best place to be. The island is perfect for divers. This island isn't an ideal place for backpackers as much as it is for divers. Nights here are casual affairs, which involves casual drinks by the pristine beaches. The Koh Tao Island, however is known for it Mae Haad Beach. It is one of the most developed beaches, fitting in conveniences for all the modern day amenities inclusive of fancy restaurants to internet cafes.

Day Trips!

For this one, you have to carry your own food, and camping equipment. The Koh Rang (Trat) is situated to the west of Koh Mak. The Mooh Koh Rang is a group of twelve islands, of these Koh rang Yai is the largest. Crystal clear water, and powdery white sands highlight the beauty of this isle. The terrain on the island is hilly, with low lying areas at the shore. The divers here come to enjoy the scenic underwater beauty. Birds and reptiles are found in abundance. The island is a nesting ground for sea turtles.

Koh Rang allows camping at a small fee, along with the approval of an officer. Divers can enjoy a breathtaking view of corals and unique tropical underwater species. The Marine Nation Park Ranger Unit is situated at the north of the island. Apart from this the island does not have any formal accommodation.

Party Time

The Ko Phangan island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. This island comes alive with people for the full moon parties. The island hosts some of the best parties in the world. It is a privileged for D.J's to come here and perform. The other activities around the island include diving, temple visiting, hiking to waterfalls, and attending meditation centres. One can find anything from five star resorts to heap inns for accommodation. This island guarantees youngsters the time of their life.

James Bond Island

Ko Tapu (the eye of the crab) is famously called the James Bond Island. The James Bond series titled, Mam With the Golden Gun, starring Roger Moore was shot on this island in 1974. This island is known for its well organized rock formations. Actually these are two islands that are lying side by side. Koh Khao Phing Kan is where actual location shot of the James Bond movie was done. Tourists directly arrive at the beach in motorboats, which can be disembarked at a pier a short distance away. Tourists who choose to travel by long-tail boats, can be dropped off the shore.

A very few of the 'un-ventured' islands are stated above. There is a lot more one can find. After all someone righteously stated, 'Amazing Thailand’, Always Amazes You!!!

Text By - Heer Kothari