Goa Tourism’s Pavallion Highlights Regenerative Tourism & Ekadasha Teertha

Goa Tourism’s Pavallion Highlights Regenerative Tourism & Ekadasha Teertha

At the OTM 2024 at Mumbai, Asia’s premier travel trade show, Goa Tourism stood out by showcasing the state’s pioneering role as the first to launch Regenerative Tourism in the country.


At OTM over 35,000 industry professionals and buyers l connected with more than 1600 exhibitors from 60 countries and 30 Indian States & Union Territories. Over three days, from February 8th to 10th, OTM is showcased a sold-out event, emphasizing a commitment to fostering quality networking and connection. The exhibition spans two separate floors of over 250,000 sq. ft, including 35 country pavilions.


Goa Tourism’s pavillion at the OTM 2024 at Mumbai highlighted the states diverse initiatives that focuses on promoting responsible tourism practices. The set up depicted Goa’s dedication towards sustainable development through the approach marked under Regenerative Tourism principles.


Ekadasha Teertha Yatra, the new Homestay Policy, Caravan Policy, initiatives aimed at promoting heritage preservation, celebrating vibrant festivals, immersing visitors in the rich local culture, offering thrilling adventure opportunities, and providing world-class MICE  ( Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events) facilities in Goa were some of the highlights showcased at the pavillion.


In addition to highlighting existing initiatives, Goa Tourism highlighted the launch of new tourism services designed to cater to diverse traveler interests, all aimed at providing visitors with unique and memorable experiences while promoting sustainable practices. GTDC hotels and the services are also promoted during the exhibition.


"Our participation in OTM 2024 was an exceptional opportunity to showcase not only our commitment to regenerative tourism but also the exciting new initiatives and services we have to offer," stated Mr. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director, Department of Tourism, Government of Goa. "Through innovative approaches like the Ekadasha Teertha Campaign and the introduction of new tourism services and policies, we are further cementing Goa's position as a premier travel destination that prioritizes sustainability and visitor satisfaction."


The event aimed to be a great platform that encouraged discussions and collaboration, thus strengthening partnerships with stakeholders and reaffirming Goa’s status as a leader in sustainable tourism practices. As the state continues to evolve its tourism offerings and initiatives, it remains dedicated to preserving and enhancing its natural and cultural wealth for future generations to enjoy.