Female visitors dominate attendance at EXPAT Travel Deal 2020

Female visitors dominate attendance at EXPAT Travel Deal 2020

The ‘Expat Travel Deal 2020’ organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) from 11 to 13 September, 2020, saw a majority turnout of female visitors, highlighting the role of women as decision-makers in choosing travel destinations.

 The event, the first of its kind targetted at the nearly three million expatriates in Thailand, was held at the Quartier Gallery, EmQuartier shopping mall in Bangkok. It was designed to offer domestic tourism promotions to encourage them to travel more domestically, and enjoy Thailand’s many attractions.

 According to a TAT survey, the event recorded a total of 9,957 visitors, generating an immediate revenue of 7,427,021 Baht. Females comprised 53% of the visitors and males 47%. Most of the attendees were in the business and commercial professions, but also included foreign diplomats and teachers at international schools in Thailand.

 The preferred destinations were:South Thailand 31%, North Thailand 28%, Eastern Thailand: 15%, Northeast 14%, and Central Thailand 11%.

The preferred promotions were: Hotel Discount 49%, Special Airfare 32%, Free Transfers 12%, and Others: 6%.

Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing (Asia and South Pacific) said, “We are very pleased with this initial effort and plan to do more to reach out to the large expatriate population, many of whom have strong links with the kingdom and who express great love for Thailand and its people.”

As of June 2020, there were a total of 2,459,785 foreigners with permission to work in Thailand, according to the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour. The total includes 155,193 skilled employees (investors, experts, skilled craftsman, and BOI) and 25,110 foreign students.

The Expat Travel Deal 2020 showcased travel products and services from all five regions of Thailand (North, Central, South, East and Northeast), demonstrations of local arts and crafts making skills; such as, ceramic bead bracelets and Thai reed mats, as well as tourism-related talk sessions.

Participating businesses included Michelin-starred restaurants, health and wellness facilities, airlines, golf courses, and the Alipay online platform. Travel agencies offered customised travel packages at discounted rates. Expat attendees had to present identification to be eligible for special deals at the event.

Mr. Chattan said TAT will be rolling out a number of other promotional activities, including joint promotions with Alipay, Thailand-based travel companies, and the airlines. Moreover, these will be promoted alongside familiarisation trips for members of the foreign media and representatives of foreign travel companies in Thailand.

Other forms of publicity will include content marketing with online and offline publications for expats in Thailand, focussing on businesses that are certified with the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) standard.

For more details, visit: https://www.tatnews.org/2020/09/female-visitors-dominate-attendance-at-expat-travel-deal-2020/