Safari Plus INTALk with Mr. Vishesh Naik: Unveiling Goa's Vibrant Tourism Landscape

Safari Plus INTALk with Mr. Vishesh Naik: Unveiling Goa's Vibrant Tourism Landscape

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Vishesh Naik from Goa Tourism Development Corporation, we delve into the exciting developments and upcoming festivals in the enchanting state of Goa.

Q1: Could you share some insights into the current state of tourism in Goa and the exciting developments in store for visitors?

We are thrilled to showcase Goa at the OTM happening at the Jio Convention Centre. The response at our stall has been fantastic, with numerous visitors expressing interest in Goa tourism. As a department, we have been focusing on promoting cultural, spiritual, and diverse tourism experiences.

One recent initiative is the caravan policy, providing a unique travel experience. Additionally, we are committed to enhancing safety and security, exemplified by the introduction of Goa BEACH VIGIL APP. Ensuring customer satisfaction and safety is paramount, especially considering the diverse age groups that visit our beautiful state.


Q2: The ongoing carnival festival sounds exciting! Could you tell us more about it and any other upcoming festivals that travelers should look forward to?

Absolutely! The carnival festival has kicked off, bringing Goa into a festive mood until the 13th of February. We are celebrating with the vibrant King Momo leading the festivities. Looking ahead, we are planning festivals in March or April, subject to the approval of the Honorable Division Minister and the State Tourism. These festivals, like Chigmosta, aim to showcase Goa's rich cultural heritage.

Q3: Your efforts to promote festivals on a larger scale are commendable. Can you share some statistics on the recent tourist influx and the strategies in place to attract more visitors?

As of November 2023, approximately 7.5 million domestic tourists and 4.5 lakh international tourists have explored Goa. These numbers are impressive, and we are still compiling data for December and October 2023. We are actively engaging in road shows, corporate events, and have established partnerships, like the one with Uttarakhand State, to increase connectivity.

In terms of new services, we have introduced adventurous offerings like bungee jumping, wildlife tours, open-top buses, and hot air balloon rides. These services have received positive feedback, and we continue to tailor our offerings based on market preferences and feedback.

Q4: It's wonderful to see Goa evolving as a diverse tourism destination. Could you highlight any collaborations or initiatives that aim to enhance connectivity and provide unique experiences for tourists?

Certainly! We have recently forged a partnership with Uttarakhand State, introducing direct flights to facilitate travel between the two states. These collaborations aim to boost tourism, allowing people to explore different states seamlessly. Our new tourism services, such as bungee jumping, wildlife tours, and hot air balloon rides, are operational and have been well-received by tourists.

Thank you, Mr. Naik, for sharing these exciting updates about Goa's tourism landscape. We look forward to witnessing the continued success and growth of this vibrant destination. In conclusion, Goa's Tourism Development Corporation continues to unfold new chapters in the state's tourism story. With a focus on cultural richness, safety, and diverse experiences, Goa stands poised to attract even more travelers seeking an enchanting and memorable escape.