Resorts World Cruises Unveils RW CruiseBuddy Portal for Travel Partners

Resorts World Cruises Unveils RW CruiseBuddy Portal for Travel Partners

In a groundbreaking move tailored for the Indian market, Resorts World Cruises has launched the RW CruiseBuddy web portal (, an exclusive platform designed to cater to the needs of its travel partners. This innovative portal offers direct access to real-time inventory and cruise fare information for the Genting Dream and Resorts World One, providing an efficient and seamless experience for travel agents.

Resorts World Cruises recognizes the surge in the Fly-Cruise sector from India over the past two years and is committed to further developing the local industry. The RW CruiseBuddy portal aims to equip travel partners with the tools necessary to boost Fly-Cruise bookings. Michael Goh, President of Resorts World Cruises, emphasizes the company's investment in effective resources to support this growth.

The user-friendly interface ensures travel agents have instant access to the latest cabin availability on both cruises, facilitating quicker response times and enhancing overall efficiency. The portal also introduces a robust Marketing Resource Centre, offering a plethora of promotional materials and resources, from eye-catching visuals to compelling content.

To incentivize usage, Resorts World Cruises introduces a reward point system for travel partners through the RW CruiseBuddy portal. This points-based reward program acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of travel partners, translating into exciting rewards and incentives for redemption.

Naresh Rawal, Vice President – Sales and Marketing (India), Resorts World Cruises, expresses excitement about the portal, emphasizing its role in redefining collaboration between the cruise line and its travel partners. The RW CruiseBuddy portal is set to enhance the synergy between Resorts World Cruises and its partners, ensuring mutual success in the dynamic world of cruise tourism.

For travel partners looking to explore the latest Fly-Cruise options and itineraries, the RW CruiseBuddy portal promises a revolutionary experience, reinforcing Resorts World Cruises' commitment to providing unparalleled support and resources to its valued partners. Sign up now at and embark on a new era of convenience and collaboration in cruise tourism with Resorts World Cruises.